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Why Feel Good Inc.?



We move too less, we eat bad, we are always irritable and stressed because of our work, phones and more. We seem to have no energy to get through the day. You get up early in the morning and it feels more like the night took more energy than it gave. This is horrible but you can do something about it.  

Feel Good Inc. has two meanings. On the one hand it is a nod to the same named song of the band Gorillaz, which I love, on the other side is it the goal that you and I should have. Beeing the incorporation of feeling good. Sadly we have forgotten how to achieve that but have no fear, because I am here.


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The basis

I see training as the basis for a good and balanced life. Training makes you happy, attractive, reduces stress, improves self esteem, sleep quality and concentration. It helps you to rach your goals, lowers blood pressure, lowers the risk of osteoprosis, keeps your bodycells young and can protect you from cognitive restraints at an older age. The list goes on and on, so why not take the chance?

The beginning is hard, but it will get easier with time, as long as you are consistent, that is the hard part. 

But thats why I am here for you. 

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